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by on October 20 '06

Sandy Greene has joined the SonicFlare team! We're glad to have Sandy with us and fighting for the hi-fi 2.0 revolution. Keep reading for Sandy's audio history and sonic stylings.

Blogs and Audio… I think it’s the perfect mix. Music should flow, discussion should flow, and with a blog they can. I’m very excited to write for SonicFlare. To me, it’s the most exciting audio e-zine going right now. I’m a big fan of 6moons and ToneAudio… two very different reading (and viewing) experiences. What SonicFlare has on these zines is the real-time flow of reader opinion and comment. Take industry news, opinion and commentary and couple that with directions towards reviewing gear that favor real-world systems and you have a fantastic, practically daily read with

When I started talking to Josh about writing for SonicFlare, I asked about interjecting music reviews into the discussion. You can tell a lot about an audiophile by the music they listen to. As a way of introducing myself to the SonicFlare readers, I am going to supply an iMix of some of my latest favorite musical acquisitions. I’ll periodically post new, differently themed iMixes to share with the SonicFlare readers.

Over the past year, I have been writing reviews for Some of my most liked gear from my Dagogo reviews were… the 47lab Gaincard integrated amp, The Sonic Euphoria PLC passive preamplifier, The Bastanis Prometheus open-baffle single driver (with Sub) speaker system and the Roksan Caspian cd player. These were not all in the system together at the same time. The Bastanis sounded great with the Red Wine Audio Clari-T amp and Eastern Electric MiniMax CD player. The 47labs Gaincard sounded great with the Omega Minuet dual single-driver monitor speakers. The Sonic Euphoria PLC really added excitement and clarity to my main, all-tube, Rogue setup. And the Heed Audio Quasar phono pre had me playing vinyl 2-3x CD’s for most of the time I had with it.

At my computer, as I write this, I am listening through Beyer Dynamic DT 880 phones fed from the HeadRoom Desktop amp, fed from iTunes on my 12” Apple PowerBook. Look for that system review coming soon.

I’m always practically surrounded by music… two hours a day I’m in traffic listening to mixes on my white 20gb iPod played through the upgraded Harmon Kardon system in my blue Mini Cooper S.

You can read a different sort of bio on my own blog here:

For me, fine audio gear is a tool to help me get closer to the performance and better understand the intention and vibe of the music. With good gear in synergy, I feel that I can better understand what the artist was trying to do, and at the same time be transported away from my real surroundings. Review-wise, I’ve returned gear to manufacturers when I just couldn’t get the experience that I was hoping for. I’ll let you know when I really like something, and write about synergy between components, room, and media as well. If it ain’t fun it ain’t music and it ain’t worth writing about.


nice headphone rig, I really like the DT880s, great performance for the money.
w00t w00t! welc0me to the club! :)
Thanks Danny! Just looked up w00t on 66 definitions ;-) Mike, the headphones are really nice, as is the HeadRoom Desktop amp... review coming soon.