Salagar @ CES

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by Danny Kaey on February 05 '08

As my CES show report winds down, hey, it's only been what, four weeks since the tumultuous events, there are a few more rooms I would like to mention.  One of them is Salagar, a fairly recent addition to the world of hi-fi.  Josh had reported on them some time ago, this was my second experience with their rather interesting product line.

Salagar is quickly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with: full page ad spreads in Stereophile, show coverage everywhere, it is easy to see that these guys are serious about business and success in the market place.  Salagar isn't your average mom and pop speaker company either; they employ clever ICE modules from the guys over at B&O and deliver what are in essence self powered speakers.  Add an iPod/iPhone and you are in business!

In fact, that's is exactly why I love these guys - they are with the times and are going after audiophiles but also lifestyle people all over the world who aren't necessarily into esoteric cables, components and other such audiophilia.

At CES 2008, they showed a new speaker model, a smaller sized Sonata S212 for those who feel that the bigger brother, the Symphony S210 is a wee bit large for their listening environment.  Again, self powered ICE modules take over and are in charge of the treble and mid/bass 
Salagar 2.jpg
arrangement, with might I add, seriously good sound quality.  Sources at the show included the E.A.R. Yoshino Acute CD player for those old compact discs, while Krell's iKidd took over duties as the media server at large.  Pretty neat!  Sound Quality for such a lifestyle oriented product was pretty sweet.  Bass appeared far fuller than you would expect, while the midrange proved to be nice and smooth.  Frank and Dino would be proud of this little speaker!  The added sub, also ICE powered, was nicely dialed in and didn't seem to lag the monitors one bit.  In a hotel room at a show that's saying something.  No doubt the fabulously awesome piano gloss color finishes and real wood veneers do the rest in making sure these puppies are your perfect mate.  At under 6k the bargain to be heard!  More to come form these guys, stay tuned for a review!  


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