Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Roundup

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by Josh Ray on October 30 '06

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The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest has come and gone and, sadly, the SonicFlare crew wasn't able to make it out to blizzard central for all the audio entertainment. But judging from the pictures and number of manufacturers in attendance, this was one serious show. Many more huge "premier" rooms than the typical audio show and loads of new guys popping up with their strange speakers. Seems RMAF is well on its way to be a big player in the audio show world.

As for coverage, check out the Positive Feedback's extensive picture brigade. Dave and Carol Clark, once again, manage to hit every single room. Don't know how they do it. Read part 1 and part 2 for a combined total of 10 pages.

Next up is Stereophile with less coverage but more in-depth conversations with a few choice manufacturers. Check 'em out.

Stephæn of Audio Asylum drops some serious pictures over at 6Moons. Not a lot of content but the pics are nice and big.

Until next year!

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Um...Are those huge things in the first picture speakers?! If so, what the heck are they?
Those black walls of death are SoundLab electrostat speakers. Huge vibrating membranes all powered by Pass Labs solid state amplification. I've head really good things about SoundLabs, though they haven't gotten the press of Magnipan or, of course, Martin Logan.
I think I should add here the coming reports of, if only because I got to design the site itself... :P Warning: Heavy bias toward analog and vinyl ahead. If you can live with that, be my guest. I guess Ray Kimber was doing his IsoMike demos in CO as well... with those big mama speaker things? If his demo at the HE show was stellar with the "modest" B&W speakers he used, I don't want to know what it was like with these. I bet I would have needed to carry a new, clean set of pants just in case.
Hi Josh, You forgot us? Dynamic duo of dasterdly picture takers that we are you just know we can't help putting up another show report (its an addiction, I know): And Danny.... oh Danny, we were giving away free pairs of Supremes to anyone who could pretend walk down steps that weren't there and whose initials were D.K. Oh well, maybe now you will come to the show next year? Take care, Mike