RMAF 07: Reference 3A and Antique Sound Labs

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by Josh Ray on November 14 '07


Reference 3A's new Grand Veena speakers ($7995) are receiving a good deal of attention, and rightfully so. Paired with $9500 of Antique Sound Labs electronics and utilizing a Copland Digital Room Correction Module, the system put out some of the best Refined-type sound at the show. Great voicing, huge dynamics, perfectly smooth bass and really detailed presentation make for an absolutely fantastic $17500 system.

The Grand Veenas signature trait is a 7" "Hyperexponential" midrange driver. In a fairly unusual move for a large, multi-way floorstander, this driver runs wide-range and without a crossover to minimize parts in the signal path.

The Grand Veena's bass is provided by dual 8" woofers tweaked by the Copland DRC-205 digital room correction device. You can, with a single push of a button, even out the bass and, if you dare, manipulate the entire frequency via your computer. Very cool product.



Big fan of Antique Sound Labs...