RMAF 07: Lovecraft

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by Josh Ray on November 15 '07


After the passing of Terry Cain, famed single driver Fostex speaker company Cain & Cain was taken over by a new company called Lovecraft. The guys behind Lovecraft were comrades of Terry, and the new company offers the famous classics like the Abby and Ben while dishing up some new products and colorful finishes.

New at the show are Lovecraft's Walla Walla Walla Sound folded horn speakers (the Sponge Bob shaped speakers pictured below). Featuring a single Fostex 8" Sigma driver, the WWW's are classic Emotional-type speakers and run $3300/pair.

The desktop system below is called the Noogi & Spud. For $1600 you get the single 3" driver monitors with a powered subwoofer section. Very cool product and the finishes are absolutely fantastic. The guys at Lovecraft are young and hip with and into the computer audio, retro tubes and funky finishes.

Click "read full article" for some of the coolest speaker finishes around. The speakers, as of the show, weren't for sale, but if you really want a pair with flames, their automotive artist can probably hook you up. Check 'em out.






Those Wall-of-Sound speakers (or whatever they're called) look like a terrific solution for decor-conscious rooms. I think I read somewhere they were designed by the Brains Dept. of Wavelength, which is automatic sonic credibility in my book, to go with the look. In fact, I find them so attractive I'm trying to figure out how to destroy a room and therefore convince the Mrs. of a re-design with speakers that'll never get in the way of whatever else she wants to do. Maybe they should call them the "Domestic Bliss Speakers" ... or not.