RMAF 07: Acoustic Zen

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by Josh Ray on November 21 '07



Another room that received a lot of great attention was Acoustic Zen. Their new $12k Crescendo is gunning to replace the very best speakers from other Refined-type companies like Wilson and Genesis. All drivers are custom creations featuring an unusual short coil/long gap magnet structure. Like the less expensive and wildly popular Adagios, the Crescendos feature transmission-line bass loading and massive cabinets.

Halco provided the components. It's hard to say how each piece sounded, but the overall sound was definitely Refined and some of the very best at the show. If the comments at the show are any indication, expect to see people saying, "I replaced my far more expensive XYZ speakers with Acoustic Zen!"



Pet peeve: Manufacturers who introduce new products at shows, but don't update their websites to include information about them. Color me kinky, but if I went to the trouble of showing new products -- as Acoustic Zen did with these new speakers -- I'd want to supply as much information as possible to those who show an interest in them. If they're not in production yet, fine -- just state what you can at that juncture. And people wonder why companies in this business have such short lives.
Robert Lee told me at RMAF that he just finished building the prototype Crescendo a day or two before show...he had been waiting on cabinetry. You heard the only pair in existence at the show. They were indeed fine sounding. The Zen website now has some technical info on the Crescendos.