Review: Nordost "System", QB8, Qx4, Qv2 and Norse 2

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by Danny Kaey on August 23 '13

Tyr2 Spk Ban rgb

Nordost… not much needs to be said about this cultbrand. Launched by affable Joe Reynolds back in 1991 (!), Nordost had become one of, if not the most respected brands of high performance Hi-Fi cables. Recently all cables have been upgraded to Version 2 (V2) status, prompting a delivery of the entire ensemble at casa K for review. Link to full review at Postive-Feedback Online is here, and a German version will be available at my other home away from home, Hifistatement shortly as well. Meanwhile, enjoy a few snippets and all the gorgeous hi-res images. Drool factor 4. A+++

Tyr2 Balanced Incon LR

“System” the online dictionary defines system as: “an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole: a mountain system; a railroad system…” Wait what’s that have to do with Nordost? Quite a bit – permit me to explain: over the years, Hi-Fi has seen its share of “systems”; Linn, Naim, anyone? Typically, we have associated these system approaches within the context of the entire audio ecosystem, ie. start to finish, zero to hero approach, most closely associated with those oh so classic British brands. Perhaps more so than anyone - at least I can’t think of any others near term – both of those Hi-Fi houses fundamentally ascribed to the notion that the whole sum is made up of all the parts and therefore the sum becomes greater than each individual component. Sure, many others have tried – and miserably failed – to distinguish themselves along those lines, alas, it appears that this integrated approach has become quite popular yet again. To be continued at PFO and Hifistatement… Cheers! Now go find your Nordost dealer.

Lg Qrt QB8 EUR

Lg Qrt Qx4

Lg Qrt Qv2

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