Review: Acapella La Campanella

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by Josh Ray on July 07 '05

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We've been posting so many glowing reviews of speakers and gear costing tens of thousands of dollars that we thought it'd be fun to post about a $26k speaker that gets ripped a new proverbial port.

Witness the Acapella La Campanella, a horn-loaded affair with four standard drivers below (invisible in the picture), get schooled by "6Moons Srajan." Now, Srajan owns the Avanteguarde Duo, another horn speaker from Germany with dynamic drivers for the bass (priced from $16k to over 20k depending on options) as well as many other cheaper speakers, and serves up this choice quote:

"I don't get $26,000 worth of apparently quite elaborate internal cabinetry when the sound with all of my in-house equipment fails to conjure up that involvement factor I crave (and get in spades from my $2695/pr Gallos and $2,800/pr Zu Druids)."

Man, that's gotta hurt. Srajan does offer the caveat that his room "may" have not been perfect for the Acapellas and his equipment "may" have not been the perfect match (coming from a man who owns more equipment than sin). Anyway, another reviewer is going to take a look at these German misfits and see if there's a spark of good buried somewhere in that $26,000 of MDF.

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