Quantum Physics Noise Disrupter

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by Josh Ray on February 09 '06

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And now, a tweak. Reviewing machine Bob Levi over at PFO takes a look at the Quantum Physics Noise Disrupter. With a name like that, how can you not be interested? Simply, the Disrupter is a big black sponge for EMI interference. Stick it on top of your gear and it sucks away nasty electrical interference, no cables required. Numerous products claim to tame EMI but, as Bob says, all must bow down to the new champ:

Is the Disrupter a magic bullet? It absorbs EMI noise better than any passive device ever produced, including the Shakti Stone or the VPI Magic Brick. It is every bit as effective as an active device, and is easier to use.

Now, in Bob's review, he points out that there can be too much of a good thing. In fact, he found placing various Disrupters in different places and on different components changed his system's sound in all kinds of funky ways. The old joke is that cables are an EQ device, making up for your system's flaws. With the Disrupter having such a huge effect on the sound of a component, are we entering an era where EMI absorption is the new flaw-masking device?

Price is $75 for a small Disrupter and $225 for the big daddy.

Quantum Physics Noise Disrupter Review
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How does this thing work? The website says: We are told by the company that 3 components make up the Disruptor which are subject to extreme atmospheric pressures and then treated with a special gas-like treatment which enables the 3 components to do their job. However, if the components inside the Disruptor are exposed to outside air, they become ineffective and must be disposed of. WTF? How does this device work?
It probably means, if the audiophile opens it up and sees what's inside there; they get mad that they got ripped off and dispose of it