Preview: Zu Audio Presence

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by Danny Kaey on April 14 '08

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Zu Audio Presence…

A preview of sorts: well, the day finally came this past weekend, when the Zu crew showed up at my door step delivering a pair of their latest and greatest, the Presence.  Being that colleague Srajan reviewed the speakers recently at his emporium, 6moons, I was eagerly expecting these pupps to show up.  Sitting somewhat between the mighty Definition Mk2 and the evergreen Druid, the Presence at $8k ain’t cheap. 

As many have said all along (including Sean and Adam of Zu), the Presence is more of a scaled down Definition than a scaled up Druid and as a result it shares many features of the bigger brother: built in Hypex powered (yay!) dual 10” subs, the latest driver and filter technology and most importantly, a ground up redesigned triangular cabinet. 

Where the Druid is all about minimalism in the strictest sense, the Presence ads the ability to take advantage of room correction in the bass department, thus allowing for a more seamless experience and room integration.  Now, obviously, 8 dedicated 10” subs as in the Definition, will undoubtedly deliver more punch, presence and power than 4 10” subs; alas, the Presence should deliver much of what the Definition Mk2 does at less cost and it should be more favorable to smaller rooms. 

Immediately striking is the unusual looking design of the Presence; delivered as it was here in polished black wet gloss, even more so - the big black obelisk from 2001 comes to mind… At any event, I will be most curious to give the Presence a serious listen, as many music lovers and ‘philes would love to get into true full-range Zu sound but don’t quite have the space for the mighty Definitions.  

So far, so good…

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