Preview: Trafomatic Audio Experience Head One reference headphone amp

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by Danny Kaey on May 27 '08


The “EHO” made by Serbia’s latest entry into the world of high-end audio, Trafomatic Audio, is billed as a reference quality headphone amplifier.  Sasa Cockic, Trafomatic’s President and residing fidelity genius says that the EHO is in principal based on the successful design implementations of the Experience series.  “Fantastic” I said and immediately requested a review sample – considering Sasa was already sending me his Experience Two 300B amplifier (to be reviewed at PFO), this was a no brainer. 

The “little” EHO headphone amp arrived just in time to overlap my pending review of the little STAX 3010 system, thus allowing me for quick one-two punches between both camps: that’s right, the STAX system will face the EHO & AKG 701 pair which translates to about roughly the same price point, peaches for peaches, nuts for pounds.  While the STAX system is indeed something magical, AKG’s latest cans which have garnered up impressive reviews by the who’s who of the higher fidelity reviewing community, never quite seemed to “do” it for me.  Before sending me a barrage of emails inquiring if I had burned them in long enough (they do require at least 500 hours in my humble opinion), etc. let me make it clear that up until now I have been missing a proper amplifier to drive them – hence my request to review Mr. EHO from Serbia. 

The great unknowns, the mysteries of two-channel headphone nirvana could yet be unraveled by this combo – stay tuned for my findings just as soon as I have enough time with this power-pack.  Cheers for now!


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