Preview: STAX SRS 3010 Earspeaker System

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by Danny Kaey on April 13 '08

STAX SRS 3010 SF Preview.jpg

STAX SRS 3010 System

Ever since I was exposed to the music and audio fever at the ripe age of around 11, STAX, much like Luxman, appeared as the quintessential audio brand to look forward to.  I recall seeing their earspeakers at various European trade shows and always being in awe as to their style, musicality and mystique surrounding the coveted brand and their striking products.  Alas, at price points much higher than your typical ‘cans of say AKG, Sennheiser and Beyer, STAX appeared to always be the top brand to look to. 

Anxiously awaiting the Trafomatic Audio Experience Head One ‘can amp to arrive, I figured that I might as well inquire about a review sample of the STAX SRS 3010 system, consisting of the SR 202 earspeakers and matching SRM 310 discrete class-A amplifier.  Together, the package retails for what I consider to be a real-world price of $950, which, when considering you get a pair of electrostat ‘cans and a class-A amp, is really not that much.

The STAX SRS 3010 system is certainly at the lower echelon of all things STAX, though you still get a product that has been cured for many generations and is in fact the only remaining electrostat earspeaker manufacturer in the world.  The STAX system will certainly fall squarely into the price point of the aforementioned Trafomatic Audio amp and say AKG’s latest “reference” cans, the 701’s.  While many in the audio press have gone gaga over these cans, I have to admit my reservations.  Full disclosure of my thoughts will commence once the Trafomatic amp arrives, as it is rumored to be quite a well-designed setup.

This should be fun… 


I'm excited to read your impressions of the star system, danny, but I have one question -- the trafomatic is a dynamic amp, right? As such, I'm assuming that you intend the pit the Sfax system against the afforementioned AKG's and the trafomatic together, correct? The trafomatic as is would be unable to drive the stax earspeakers, being of totally different designs. Either way, I'm anxious to hear you bindings, being mystified by those electrostats myself
Hi Tyler, yes, the Trafomatic Audio headphone amp will be used with the AKG 701's. You are correct, the STAX being electrostats, require their own custom power supply and amplifier to work properly, hence STAX always selling their earspeakers as the appropriate "system". Cheers, Danny