Preview: Modwright Truth Transporter

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by Danny Kaey on April 07 '08

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Having reviewed the stock Transporter in these pages a few months ago, my expectations for Dan Wright’s latest offspring were indeed high.  Then again, I have known Dan for almost 5 years now and known him to be an exceptionally talented and spirited designer.  His Truth mods of various Sony and Denon incarnations have defacto launched him into the mainstream of audiophilia – he now sports his very own pre- amps and a phono stage.  Rumor has it a Modwright branded amplifier isn’t too far behind.

Each of these products have received massive praise and accolades throughout the usual set of internet publications; most recently TAS’s Sally Reynolds lent her golden ears to Dan’s entry level pre-amp with much praise.  The Transporter represents a whole new frontier for audiophiles in general and their mainstream counter parts.  Slimdevices is uniquely positioned to cater to both ends of the spectrum, ie. the casual music lover who wants something better than Squeezebox as well as the seasoned and hardcore audiophile who looks to replace his vintage compact disc player.

Compact Disc, boy, that sure sounds so passé, doesn’t it?  Therein lies the strength of the Transporter: it is able to at once rid your house of those little silver discs, whilst offering you no compromise listening, further convenience and ultimately the internet’s best (and worst) streaming radio stations.  Last I counted, there were around 5000 or so listed under the controlling Slim software, SqueezeCenter.  Wow.  The world is my oyster; indeed! 

Having archived roughly a third of my discs to wave and LAME encoded mp3’s which sadly, most audiophiles poo-poo, (read my mp3 truth exposing article here) onto my NAS drive, any of these songs, tracks and albums are at my fingertip.  Dan’s tube rectified and tube based output stage should do the rest.  I’ve said it time and again that in today’s world, I find it very difficult to recommend a standard CD player to anyone, unless they are looking to get a statement player, Lindemann, EMMlabs, Einstein, Accustic Arts, etc. for old times sake and the ability to play the occasional high-res disc. 

I’d say you are waisting your money: a Squeezebox3 and Lessloss DAC 2004 or Dan’s Truth modified TP will serve you way, way better in my humble opinion than most any disc player.  Mind you, I am not of the camp that believes that any harddisc based music player is better than a comparable disc transport – that’s foolish and akin to comparing apples to oranges.  I do however believe and argue, that all other things being equal, a hard disc will in fact act as a superior transport than any disc player, even state-of-the-art stuff like Esoteric’s much heralded transports, etc.


Stay tuned for my impressions of the Truth Transporter right here… hint: it’s really good!



This will be an important benchmark review, Danny. Every review I've found has looked the ModWright Transporter against other CD players, not against each other (same for the Transporter, which should be compared to Sonos or Sooloos). I've found one owner on a discussion list who had a stock and then modified it who gave his impressions, but he has lots of ModWright equipment and I'm guessing he's a convert anyway. So it will be nice to have a professional reviewer compare the mod against the stock with a critical eye and help me decide if the extra $2,000 is worth it.