Preview: LessLoss DFPC power cables

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by Danny Kaey on April 25 '13

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Incoming: long time reader and fan of SonicFlare, Louis Motek, of LessLoss fame,  is sending us his latest power cables for inspection.  I have known Louis for at least six or seven years and have always been fascinated by his approach to audio: nothing but the best, no detail is overlooked, his passion clearly shining through.  Since those early years, LessLoss has grown to be quite a formidable player in the world of audio.  Not satisfied with power cables, he has since moved into interconnects, speaker cables, power distribution and management systems whilst also maintaing a foot in the digital playback domain, courtesy of the acclaimed DAC 2004 and his latest - soon to be released - Laminar streamer.  

Kaiser Vivace ORANGE DETAIL FON8587 sRGB big

Watch any show report of recent years and you will find LessLoss right up there with the best, read: established players.  That's quite the feat for a humble - well, let's say confident - young lad from Lithuania of all places.  As mentioned, his attention to detail is quite extraordinary, just take a look at the website he utilizes as his storefront.  The question on everyone's mind with regards to these types of products is how, followed by the usual why.  That's precisely one of the main factors driving people to LessLoss, as he offers up explanations at nearly every step of the way.  Cable science.  Clever.  Developing all these components naturally takes time, effort and know-how; not to mention killer Hi-Fi gear to test with.  Enter his reference speakers, Kaiser Vivace.

Kaiser Kawero FRONT SIDE BACK 1000px

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of these cables, in the meantime, stay tuned, listen to some jams and check out LessLoss.  Cheers!

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