Precision Acoustic Labs Loudspeakers

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by Josh Ray on December 20 '05

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Not much is known about the cats over at Precision Acoustic Labs out of Boulder Colorado other than they make one blinged-out, chromed-up phallic loudspeaker. Called the "Model Twenty Seven" the speaker sports, surprise, 27 drivers in the main cabinet. The outboard subwoofer is included to flush out the bass and the whole package is wrapped in glorious polished aluminum.

They also make the larger "Model Thirty Two" which also matches your mirrored-ceiling "listening room" (pic next page). No prices yet, but like anything that has to do with mirrors and the music industry, I'm sure it ain't cheap.

Precision Acoustic Labs [via 6Moons]

Seriously, what's up with the picture below? It has one extra midrange driver but everything else in the picture below matches the picture above perfectly. I mean, perfectly. Photoshop anyone?

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