Review: Nordost "System", QB8, Qx4, Qv2 and Norse 2

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Nordost… not much needs to be said about this cultbrand. Launched by affable Joe Reynolds back in 1991 (!), Nordost had become one of, if not the most respected brands of high performance Hi-Fi cables. Recently all cables have been upgraded to Version 2 (V2) status, prompting a delivery of the entire ensemble at casa K for review. Link to full review at Postive-Feedback Online is here, and a German version will be available at my other home away from home, Hifistatement shortly as well. Meanwhile, enjoy a few snippets and all the gorgeous hi-res images. Drool factor 4. A+++


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Review: LessLoss DFPC Signature power cable

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When, in March of this year, I met up with Louis Motek, proprietor of LessLoss, an offer was made I simply couldn't resist: "Care to evaluate the latest series of DFPC Signature power cables?".  "Sure", I replied, with seemingly zero hesitation.  5 PCs were promptly dispatched to casa Kaey and soon after the listening fun began.  No matter the source, a calmness and certain sense of ease was leveled at the system, each track appearing that much more tuneful, nay, tasteful.  Powered via Nordost's otherwise exquisite power conditioning line consisting of the QB-8, QV-4 and QV-2, these LessLoss cables appeared to do precisely what they said they would: lower the noise floor and reduce apparent HF transmissions to/from the system.  For more detailed impressions read the review at Positive-Feedback Online, where, you guessed it, I highly recommend these puppies.  Well done team LessLoss, highly recommended.  A+++.  Bonus: hit the space link to read a conversation with Louis Motek...


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Update: LessLoss DFPC Signature power cables

Arriving late last week from Hawaii, a nice little non descript USPS box awaited me… Contained with the magical package were 5 LessLoss DFPC Signature edition power cables, for me to review and spend time with.  My current reference line of cables are Kubala-Sosna's Emotion series, Nordost's latest Norse series' Frey 2 (with QB8 and QX4 power distribution products - amazing!) and Zu Audio's power cables.  Thus, being able to re-audition the latest generation of LessLoss's DFPC Signature power cables was a welcome gesture.

And so it goes… unbox, unplug, replug, listen.  First impression…?  Clarity, calm and calamity all at once.  Dynamics galore, quiet, smooth back ground.  These cables are rumored to be giant killers for less than giant killer prices.  Let's see what happens in a week or so.  Stay tuned!

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Newsflash: Nordost Valhalla Series 2!


From Nordost's Press Release, earlier today: Today Nordost introduced its new Valhalla 2 Reference Cables line-up, which consist of analog, digital, and tonearm interconnects, as well as loudspeaker and power cables. The new Valhalla 2 range uses upgraded Dual Mono-Filament technology, along with an innovative proprietary connector called the HOLO:PLUG. The HOLO:PLUG is a patent pending connector, designed to be the best possible interface between the cable and the component. Perfect signal integrity can be measured throughout the system. Designed to transfer every last nuance of detail, the HOLO:PLUG is a miracle of mechanical and electrical integrity.


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Preview: LessLoss DFPC power cables

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Incoming: long time reader and fan of SonicFlare, Louis Motek, of LessLoss fame,  is sending us his latest power cables for inspection.  I have known Louis for at least six or seven years and have always been fascinated by his approach to audio: nothing but the best, no detail is overlooked, his passion clearly shining through.  Since those early years, LessLoss has grown to be quite a formidable player in the world of audio.  Not satisfied with power cables, he has since moved into interconnects, speaker cables, power distribution and management systems whilst also maintaing a foot in the digital playback domain, courtesy of the acclaimed DAC 2004 and his latest - soon to be released - Laminar streamer.  


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A close look at the Pangea AC-9 power cord.

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PS Audio Power Punch Power Cable

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The Power Punch power cables from PS Audio are specifically designed for C-7 types of plugs -- you know, that small, key hole shaped crevice on the back of your DVD player or XBox. Starting at $49, the Power Punch cables are practically a no-brainer. And, yes, they do make a difference. A big difference. in some cases. That's why the Monster power cable was the biggest selling XBox accessory. And, if I'm not mistaken, PS Audio manufacturers power cables for Alienware, the trendy high-end computer company, to trick out their incredibly expensive systems.

We've also covered PS Audio's xStream Resolution Cables and UPC200 Power Center.

PS Audio Power Punch Power Cable [Positive Feedback]
PS Audio

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