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by Josh Ray on April 12 '06

 Graphics 4724Teaser
While it may just look like any other turntable, the new table from 47 Labs uses two platters spinning in opposite directions for cancelation of inertia. I don't know much else but expect it to land shortly. Two platters...makes sense, doesn't it? Kinda surprised no one has done this before.


Strange though. I figured 47 Labs would use a linear tracking arm since they made the Pi Tracer that way. This doesn't look like it has a linear arm. While two platters spinning oppositely may cancel inertia, is inertia a bigger problem than overall vibration? Because you're going to have more with this setup. Not knocking it b/c I like 47's stuff. Just curious.
I think to devote engineering efforts on a turntable arm, to be excellent and be linear tracking might not be worthwhile at this time. Therefore, I believe of the use of the arm in the turntable...that arm is not a regular one either, it is the RS lab one, which has a weird cantalever design and supposedly sounds great...also not being terribly expensive. Two platters rotating in opposite directions....hum, intriguing, I wonder what would be the different with a regular, either light or dense platter.
It looks like the RS Labs, versus 47 Labs, tone arm. I reviewed it a and it is very nice and quite inexpensive. Excellent bass and imaging. It's a little weird/scary to use initially because the cartridge swings around a 6 degree pivot (three degrees of pivot in two directions) and it looks like the first time you drop it into a groove that the cantilever will tear off. No such problems. It makes sense that the big bucks go to having a platter spin in opposing directions. Probably a very nice table.
You guys are the 84215 best, thanks so much for the help.