Perfect8 Millionaire Fair

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by Josh Ray on August 18 '06

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Ah, to be foolishly wealthy. Seems there's this "Millionaire Fair" happening in Cannes France come September 1-3. The Millionaire Fair is like Ringling Brothers but with jewelry, sports cars and wild speakers instead of monkeys and dancing elephants.

Perfect8 is a new Swedish company we covered previously when they first came onto the scene. At the rap superstar fair, Perfect8 will be debuting their statement "The Force" speakers. Unusual in design, The Force use an open baffle configuration and a line array with both 7" magnesium cone drivers and a massive ribbon tweeter. For the bass, 12" drivers in a stand alone, all-glass push-push cabinet.

Of course, being the millionaire you are, you can order your speakers in 24k gold or brushed aluminum and with your choice of colored glass. I believe The Force speakers clock in above $100k. Their little two-way bookshelf "The Cube" with double 5" woofers runs a cool $18k so, yeah, this stuff ain't cheap.

Check out our previous coverage for why one would even want to make a speaker out of glass and a lot more pictures.


Millionaire Fair! Now that looks like true Hoakum. Those speakers belong right along with the rest of the theme. Wow! Can't believe the Cube is 18K. Another stroke of genius!
It must be me, but those speakers look god-awful ugly to my eyes. I wouldn't pay $1000 for them, much less 100 times that. They're garish, have no design flow and are just plain awkward -- and those are the good points. I would sure hope they sound better than they look. But like I said, that could just be me.