PERFECT8 Glass Loudspeakers

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by Josh Ray on October 21 '05

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There's a new kid on the block called "PERFECT8" whose game is encasing custom drivers in glass and proclaiming them "best speakers in the world!" But...GLASS??? I know! Like, OMG LOL! How stupid can they be!

Well, PERFECT8 says they have special glass aptly named "Super Silent Glass" that is more vibration immune than the typical MDF cabinets and proprietary inert compounds. Does it work? They have the graphs to "prove it" which you can go check out yourself at PERFECT8.

What you're looking at above is the dipole "The Cube" bookshelf. PERFECT8 also makes a 2-way bookshelf called "The Point" as well as the statement "The Force," a line array speaker complete with 8 7" woofers and a massive ribbon encased in shiny gold or silver (pictures on next page). There's also a funky sub to round out the fam.

No prices yet (write in if ya got 'em!) but I'm betting we'll see these in Best Buy come Christmas (it's a joke, people! Prices probably start around $10k). Click the link below for more shiny pictures. (Credit Home Cinema Choice)

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