Peak Consult Empress Loudspeaker

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by Josh Ray on October 27 '05

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Wes Phillips of Stereophile gets a little too intimate with the Peak Consult Empress(little sister of the Peak Consult El Diablo):

"What I needed was the audio equivalent of the "safe" first date, hooking up in neutral territory—someplace where the Empress or I could safely withdraw if the chemistry weren't right."

Get help, man. It just a speaker -- a $25k speaker that I want to rub my naked body all over -- but still just a speaker.

Surprisingly, the Empress' range is 29Hz to 30kHz. I don't know about you, but for $25k, I want my full daily allowance of 20Hz tones. But, hey, whatever floats your boat. The Danish Empress seems to be Wes's new love, causing him to proclaim:

"Would I buy 'em if I had $25 grand? Oh, heavens to Betsy, yes. It wasn't love at first sight, but I could listen to the Empress for a lifetime."

"Heavens to Betsy"...I guess that explains the dating thing.

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