Peak Consult El Diablo Loudspeakers

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by Josh Ray on July 13 '05

 Audiovideonews Pics 20055 Peak Consult
Today's dose of obscenely-priced audio (it's all obscene to some) comes from Peak Consult, makers of the $75,000 El Diablo loudspeakers. While no-doubt great sounding with their custom drivers from Scan-Speak and Audiotechnology, the copy on their website leaves a bit to be desired:

"In the jungle of consumer and so-called "High-End" loudspeakers, there are some brands actually reaching for higher goals. Peak Consult is one of them, but how is that done?"

Yeah, well, they are Danish so cut them some slack on their translation. Frequency runs from 20Hz to 45kHz with a sensitivity at a tube-friendly 94dB. If you've got the coin, you may want to check out the devils from Denmark.

Peak Consult

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