Oswald's Mill Audio Bordello

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by Josh Ray on May 19 '06

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Remember that part in Eyes Wide Shut where Cruise goes to the mansion in a cloak and mask and sees all sorts of unspeakable acts he can't tell his wife about? Well, there's this place in the depths of Pennsylvania known only as Oswald's Mill where similar unspeakable acts take place. But at Oswald's Mill, instead of high class hookers, you get high class audio. If you go and your friends ask where you were, best tell them you were with hookers, lest they know the truth.

The mill is, in fact, a big ol' mill, perfect for hosting massive audio rigs from the fringes of the retro audio scene. But this isn't retro-stupid, it's retro-fab. Many of the hottest minds in this audio segment get together to show demo equipment the likes unavailable anywhere. It's the Akihabara of underground audio, so to speak.

American Wired has the goods, but know it's pretty techie stuff. Definitely interesting to see the future for this segment of audio. Tubes and high-efficiency systems are growing in popularity every day, with the likes of Altec Lansing and Klipsh releasing new versions of their legendary speakers. Give it a few years and tube audio will be as big as typical solid state amplification.

(below, the prototype 50 watt 304tl tube amp, the most powerful class A1 SET amp E-V-E-R. It's also 400 pounds, thus the heaviest SET amp E-V-E-R)

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Dr. Frankenstein & Igor listen to the same system while bringing hookers back from the dead... Nothing like the sound of live music out of a wooden box, while trying to recreate life out of another.
Sound's more like Fightclub, then Eyes Wide Shut... #1 - The first rule of Audio Club is, you do not talk about Audio Club. #2 - The second rule of Audio Club is, you DO NOT talk about Audio Club.
i cant believe u guys . the nerve you have to be in most beautiful building and location with the best musical equipment ive seen before .i envy you guys ,im completely addicted to sound i even miss class to go test and listen to music. i have 4 at-12 cerwin vegas and 2 prolinear pl3-6te series towers i also have two electrohome monoblock push pull 100w a side tube amps that im working on now.anyways post more pics and keep it up maybe one day ill meet u guys when ur testing the amps i built.