One Transport to Rule Them All

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by Josh Ray on November 05 '05

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CD players, watch your back. Hard disk audio is taking the high-end by storm and always cutting-edge 6Moons Srajan starts an awesome new series about the future of computers and the audiophiles who love them.

Done right, computer audio can bawl with CD players twice their price and, in some cases, best them. We covered the killer Empirical and Red Wine USB transports as well as the Wavelength USB DAC that are seriously making audiophiles consider complete computer solutions...that and we're just damn lazy, getting up to change the CD is so 2004.

6Moons also takes a look at computer-based equalization and crossover software that potentially solves subwoofer matching, bass/room gremlins and other problems plaguing audio for years. Products like the $3000 DEQX, an active computer-based crossover, dropped jaws everywhere it was demoed. In fact, the amazing $229k Magico Ultimates use a custom DEQX as its only crossover. Can't get a better recommendation than that.

Check out the article for a world of information and comments from established audio manufacturers describing their big plunge into the ones and zeros.

6Moons - Audiophiles Embrace the Hard Drive

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