One Billion Biz

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by Josh Ray on February 06 '06

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Did you know the iPod accessory industry is a 1 billion a year juggernaut?

And what's the high-end industry? One person-in-authority recently told me it was definitely "under 1 billion without home theater."

If you look at the picture, you'll see the future of Bose's business: iPod-based sound systems with major coverage on the Apple Store. So how much of the 1 billion is from high-end related products? Practically none, I'd wager.

Updated: corrected quote. Also, it's worth noting the lack of any clear measure of this industry's worth.


Bose (and many other manufacturers who owe their sole existence to the iPod economy these days) are just riding on the iPod's coattails of success. It's just too logical from a business point of view. If there is something that Apple excels at, is the desireability and cachet of their products. It's one thing to design something "cool" and quite another is to make people want it so badly, even if you're not into music (or computers). The coolness and status/statement factor the iPod embodies go beyond all that. And that's why the iPod economy succeeds. In contrast, high end audio magazines and similar outlets just keep preaching to the choir. Hey, if there was a study showing how owning a pair of monoblocks made you a success with chicks, we'd be on to something different... Efforts to showcase the high end side of the iPod have been either too timid or too absurd so far (do they honestly believe someone who buys a $400 player is gonna dump $4K on an iPod-alike tube monoblock amp?)