Omega Super 3 XRS Speaker Review

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by Josh Ray on April 07 '06

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American Wired reviews the new Omega Super 3 XRS speakers we covered earlier. Clocking in at $849, they're not nearly as big and imposing as they appear. Actually, that's a 4" driver and they stand only 27" high. So is Omega's first floor-standing speaker a winner?

The Super 3 XRS produces the kind of meaty, acoustic bass-loving tonnage that I can truly get down with. Looking at their diminutive size it just doesn’t seem possible, but they had - can I say it - slam. Warmth. Decent extension. And even better tone.

Only $849, Omega can wrap your speakers in a stunning variety of finishes. Pretty killer for an entry-level full range. Read the review for all the goods and an interview with Omega designer Louis.

 Xrs 2 Tone Cg Front Back Small

 Xrs Zebrawood Front Back 2.26.06 Small

 Xrs Red Front Back 2.26.06 Small


Is it just me or these Omegas definitely looks like a hard sell to the unitiated? Even I would have a hard time believing they can spurt any phat sound out of that puny 4" driver. But as you spend more time on high end, you quickly learn that size isn't everything... Gotta hear it to believe it.