NuForce S-9 World Premier

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by Josh Ray on August 18 '06

 News July 21

This Sunday at 1-4pm is the world premier of the NuForce S-9 speakers and the P-8 preamp at the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society meeting. Priced at $3995, the NuForce S-9s have some pretty stiff competition. If you aren't familiar with NuForce, they've won just about every award imaginable for their digital amps over the last year or so. Now we'll see just what they can do with drivers in a box.

So in the true spirit of hi-fi, come and make completely biased and uninformed opinions because, hey, that's exactly what we're going to do. Look for me, Josh, the youngest guy in the room to share your thoughts with and if you say something particularly inspired/humourous/nasty, you may even see your words printed right here.

You'll also be hearing "the hot new 'ultra musical' vacuum tube E.A.R. Acute CD Player presented by renowned audiophile Dan Meinwald" and have a chance to win a bunch of silly expensive cables for the low, low price of a raffle ticket. Click "read full article" to see the location information and other details.

Announcing the exclusive WORLD PREMIER of the Brand New NuForce S9 Loudspeakers. They have never been auditioned outside of the factory and our Society gets first listen!! Powered by the amazing Reference 9 Special Edition Amplifiers! Plus, meet the designer of the new NuForce Loudspeaker in person, Bob Smith! This will also be the launch of the brand new NuForce P-8 Audiophile Two Channel Preamplifier and the highend NuForce AVP-16 Multi-Channel Preamplifier, too!!!

In Celebration of the World Premier of the NuForce Loudspeakers and the launch of the NuForce P-8 and AVP-16, 7.1 Channel Analog Remote Control Preamp, NuForce is donating, as the Grand Prize, a brand new AVP-16 Preamp to our incredible Society raffle!!! Thank you very much NuForce!

Plus, meet Alasdair Patrick, Regional Sales Manager of AudioQuest, who will cable our cutting edge NuForce system with superb AQ Cables and donate two sets to our Raffle!!!

AudioQuest Raffle Prizes!

* 1st. Prize - a 2.0 m. pair of Panther interconnect with RCA connectors; MSRP: $1,050.00
* 2nd. Prize - a 2.0 m. pair of Diamondback interconnect with RCA connectors; MSRP: $185

Thank you very much Audioquest!

There's MORE, enjoy the hot new "ultra musical" vacuum tube E.A.R. Acute CD Player presented by renowned audiophile Dan Meinwald, U.S. Distributor of E.A.R....bring your favorite CD's to spin on the NuForce system!

It's all THIS Sunday on World Premier Sunday, August 20th...1-4pm. At the Holiday Inn, Buena Park, 7000 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90620 and The 91 in the Marquis II Ballroom. Plenty of free parking. Please be on time.

Guests and new members most welcome. Delicious lunch served! The Event is Produced by our own SVP John Casler!

What an event! What a summer for our Society! You just can't miss this Three Events in One Day Celebration capping a summer of great audio fun...plenty of seating for everyone!!

Great listening to all and see you this Sunday at the NuForce Loudspeaker World Premier,

Bob Levi


Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

America's Premier Audio Society 714-281-5850

P.S. The Easter Egg is still on our website: Receive double raffle tix if you say the secret word on the 20th! Plus check out the amazing 2006 Fall calendar and please save the dates!


It should be noted that the speakers were primarily designed by Bob Smith of SP Technologies Loudspeakers
How many generations of these speakers will be made berfore nu force gets the synergy right? I don't care how cutting edge you are you need to deliver something to your customers right the first time.
Given the amount of rf noise the nuforce amps throw around, I question whether they're really all that "cutting edge." Yay. A small amp that measures flat. The novelty factor has worn off. IMO.
Nuforce makes amplifier you can compare to the best available for a ridiculous price. Nearly all the manufacturers do upgrade their products, but they do it silently, Nuforce is just more honest but that's maybe a marketing error. Regarding the rf noise : who cares ?
Why would I want to buy something tht doesn't work right the first time I use it. Their upgrades are really repairs. This is the micrsoft strategy of upgrades. Not more features just giving you the ones you paid for in the first place.
Who forces you to buy those products ? Just forget them if you don't like them.
Who forces you to write comments?
Theya re already forgotten just like you.
"Nuforce makes amplifier you can compare to the best available for a ridiculous price." Don't kid yourself. There are a lot of nice amplifiers that can be had for $1,200+ a channel.
I am most curious as to how you can top what's already called a "reference"... the speakers sounded quite good actually!
"There are a lot of nice amplifiers that can be had for $1,200+ a channel." Which ones ? BTW there's an error in the article, i think it's the new P9 pre, the P8 is already out for months.
It's probably right, they just fixed (I mean upgraded) the P8 and are re-introducing it.
"Which ones?" Are you kidding? Go to any stereo dealer. They can show you at least a few amps that measure just as well as the nuforce for under $1,200+ a channel. They might not be small, but who the hell cares.
I don't care about the measurements, i care about the sound, so which ones ?
Penty of others at half the price that sound twice as good and they get it right the first time.
RWA SON RWA 'nuff said
bryston, arcam, parasound, musical fidelity, odyssey audio, channel islands, and I could go on an on. At least one reviewer seems to agree:
"I don't care about the measurements" Of course you don't.
Wow, quite the controversy brewing here. I've never heard their amps, so I can't confirm or deny any sonic merits. I would, however, agree in principle that any manufacturer -- particularly one without a track record -- that upgrades as frequently as NuForce has with their power amp, invites skepticism. They've indeed made it difficult to trust a new model, at least in my view.
They all do upgrades but they do it silently. By the way i like this site but wonder why there's so many critics on Nuforce here. Maybe some competitors who can't sell their lame products anymore ?
Ndeslions -- Agreed, as regards upgrades by other manufacturers. But in my opinion, it is best to back-pocket those incremental ideas and when a company has compiled several over the course of a few years, then they can more easily justify a new model (or Series II). At least that's what the manufacturers I worked for did (not that they were perfect). As stated previously, I have no pre-conceived sonic notions about NuForce, other than the glowing reviews I've read. But I do agree with the gentleman who suggested NuForce makes it hard to have confidence in a new product category, like speakers, given their quick-change history in amps (perhaps stated in too combative a manner by him, but a common pitfall with Internet chat-rooms; nonetheless, the underlying message has merit to me). So bottom line, I'd have a hard time buying their new speakers because I'd fear they'd be obsolete too quickly. So maybe what NuForce needs most is a good marketing manager, to tell them how the American market thinks. ... Just my one cent.
"By the way i like this site but wonder why there's so many critics on Nuforce here. Maybe some competitors who can't sell their lame products anymore?" Where there are critics of small companies, there are usually burnt customers.
I actually sell Nuforce products and think they generally do things very well, but I am afraid whilst the REf9's sound great I can noy recommend them to anyone because of the RF noise, which stops FM reception totally and interferes with TV reception. This product should not have been released like this. Their products also need some decent power protection cicuitry which is missing.
I had the opportunity to admire these Babies at work; they sound incredibly realistic.