Newsflash: SonicFlare announces rebranding

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by Danny Kaey on April 01 '13

Los Angeles, 4/1/2213

Newsflash: SonicFlare, America's premier lifestyle publication, announces a complete media makeover.  SonicFlare will launch its own TV and Film series, shot with RED camera's latest 10K resolution camera, enabling us to capture the most infinitesimally small sonic artifacts present in most high-fidelity recordings.  As an added bonus, SonicFlare's latest foray into Hollywood will enable our customer to experience down sampled content on Sony's latest Playstation 5, fully capable of streaming 8K content at 12 frames per second.  "This will be huge; never before in the history of audio and lifestyle publications, has anyone gone this far into unchartered territory." Danny Kaey, Editor-some-Times.  Current SonicFlare readers will simply have to purchase the latest decoding computer systems and will be ready to rock it right about now.  This will be fun!  A+++.

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