Newsflash: Schiit Loki DSD add-on

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by Danny Kaey on September 10 '13

Loki front prelim 1

Schiit announces Loki: a $149 DSD DAC add-on piece that is slaved between your existing DAC and source to give you DSD playback. Neat. Full PR below…

Hey all,

You've been wondering what Schiit was going to do about DSD for a while now. Today, we have the answer: Loki, a dedicated DSD DAC and switching system that you can use to add DSD to any DAC—not just ours!

Yes, you read that right. DSD. For any DAC. $149.

This is the least expensive way to add DSD to your system—from anyone, anywhere on the planet. And, like all Schiit products, it’s made right here in the USA.

Annnd…this is real DSD, transmitted via DoP and reconstructed with proprietary Schiit code running on a 32-bit PIC microcontroller. Because Loki is a DSD-dedicated design, we were able to optimize the output stage and filtering to the unique requirements of DSD. This means that Loki can sound better than DSD-capable DACs that cost many, many times more.

Loki is in-stock and available for immediate shipment.

Want to try it out? Contact for review samples.

More info:

Loki Press Release: Loki Product Page: DSD Audio Setup:

All the best,

Jason Stoddard

Co-Founder Schiit Audio

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