Newsflash: Acoustic Sounds launched Super Hirez DSD site

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by Danny Kaey on August 28 '13

AS SuperHiREZ Logo

Well, it didn't take too long: internationally known suppa-playah, Chad Kassem, owner of the world's foremost online authority in specialty music sales, Acoustic Sounds, has now launched yet another humdinger of a site for customers to download and purchase DSD (and hires PCM) content. Wow. While the initial selection contains but a glimpse of what will become available down the road, Chad none the less is super happy about his latest value add to the high-end, high-def, high-res community at large. Take a look and see what you can get for $24.99 per title. I say, way to go. Disc formats are dead. Long live analog vinyl and analog DSD downloads. Yay. A+++
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