Newport 2011: Wadax

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by Danny Kaey on June 13 '11

Newport tall 1 And now for something truly special: Rick Brown, importer and distributor éspecial of super premium Hi-Fi gear is now the official distributor for Wadax from Spain.
Wadax has been around for some time, though this year's unveiling of their all-new pre-amp is sending shivers down industry lane. Why? Quite simply, Wadax has figured out a way to digitize vinyl the rightway: with the pre-amp comes a test record that has been specially produced for the purpose of "listening" to your vinyl playback setup, adjust - in the digital domain of course - what's necessary, apply a digital RIAA curve and voilá, perfect analog bliss.
The proof is in the pudding, the digitally corrected system rocks. Hopefully to be reviewed at SonicFlare Studios soon enough...
Newport tall 2
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