Newport 2011: Sonorous

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by Danny Kaey on June 11 '11

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Another super hit from the show was from local electrostat expert and overall electronics super designer Arian Jansen: the 2011 Sonorus System, complete with speakers, pre-amp, amp and all-new tape deck.

Arian has been designing speakers and music systems for some time now; Newport 2011 was the first time he presented his idea of system sound to the public. Based on full range electrostat panels that cross over to a pair of subs at around 40hz, this OTL driven system sounded incredibly transparent and musical.

The crowning achievement is without doubt his all-new tape deck design. Due to economic cost factors, Arian uses existing ReVox/Studer PR-99's which he then strips of all their guts and glory. The motor block, heads and chassis are the only thing left original, everything else is his design. All new logic boards, control unit and of course an Arian designed tube output stage complement his puppy.

Cost? $10k. Considering you get essentially a deck that will outperform just about any deck out there (I'd be curious for a shoot out with a Mike Spitz "Aria" based Telefunken or Studer). Superb sound that's truly magnificent. Well done!

(note: all images shot with my iPhone 4 without flash)

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