Newport 2011: Channel D Pure Music

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by Danny Kaey on June 10 '11

Screen shot 2011 06 10 at 8 45 01 PM

Most used playback software @ Newport? Channel D Pure Music...

In a nod to the iTunes generation and Mac OS in general, Channel D was running on many Macs configured as music servers at Newport 2011. Why not? In its latest update, 1.8, Pure Music not only plays back all your iTunes files in better fidelity, it also plays back native DSD (!) files. Wow, that's truly something, since DSD playback was typically the domain of Sonoma or other fancy DAWs costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Pure Music sells for a very reasonable $129 via direct download from (you can try the full version for 15 days)and is the wonderdrug for super hi-res iTunes fidelity. Look for a full review soon, suffice is to say that it enhances your valuable iTunes collection (yes, even lowly mp3s) by a factor of ten (well, comparatively to iTunes playing the files anyway, I would say there's a tenfold increase in musical pleasure). A must have upgrade to iTunes!