Newport 2011: Audio Salon Magico + Spectral

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by Josh Ray on June 12 '11

Newport salon 1Maier Shadi is the man behind the exclusive appointment only Audio Salon in Los Angeles.  He's not a hi-fi dealer per se, more audio sommelier, connecting his clients with the best hi-fi has to offer.

At the show Maier was running Magico Q5 speakers with Spectral amplification (roughly a $110k system not including cables).  Pitch black speakers in a pitch black room -- while taking photos was close to impossible, the sound was impressive and turned many a jaded hi-fi fan the Magico direction.  And unlike many of the demos suffering from Big Speaker in a Tiny Room complex, Maier's room was both the right size for the speakers and featured custom acoustic treatment behind those curtains.  GIving such attention to the room is the mark of a true audio expert.


Update:  Maier wanted to express that his Audio Salon, while exclusive, doesn't exclude all but hardened audiophiles.  Even if you're new to the game and looking for an entry-level system, Maier is happy to give you the time of day (and a killer demo).  We discussed the typical jaded dealer experience and, in fact, when Maier was in his 20's, the frosty reception he received when visiting dealers inspired Maier to launch the Audio Salon.  I've met my share of terrible dealers and, let me say, Maier is a man who gets it.  Either make an appointment to visit his showroom in Santa Monica or have him come to your own abode for a personal demo.

Additionally, Maier wanted to shout out Art Noxon and Chris Klein of ASC for their acoustic design and use of their Tube traps.  Cabling by MIT.  Maier's team built a staggered wall hidden behind the curtains with over 120 lengths of 8ft 2x4's made up the 16 huge 6ft x 8ft shrouded walls.  Word is this acoustic room-in-a-room now resides at Maier's demo space.