Modwright keeps on rockin' @ CES!

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by Danny Kaey on January 14 '08


It’s 1:15pm Thursday afternoon… I have to make it to Dan Wright’s room before they are all packed up and ready to go back home.  John: have you seen Dan Wright?  “No, but check his room, I think someone is in there now” Ok, off to the other corridor, down the hallway… Yes! Dan is in the room…

I have known Dan pretty much since the beginning of my career at PFO, some 6+ years ago.  Back then (and for some time to come), Dan was the go-to person to have your Sony CD/SACD player modified.  His modifications were truly original and impressive.  Stock Sony players sounds ok, but Dan was somehow able to get SO much more performance out of them, it was quite funny actually.  Many well-known high profile ‘philes ended up going the route of Modwright.  Even back then I knew that Dan was going to be going places – success stories like Dan are what make this industry so much fun and inspirational.  A guy in his garage… Now where did I hear that before… oh… right, Apple! 

Goodie, Goodie, Dan sure knows how to create superb products that are of great value.  Take for example the Transporter (read my review of the stock unit right here at SF).  A great music streaming “player” to begin with, Dan ads his proprietary tube based analog output stage to create a reference level playback monster that feels home in most anyone’s system.  A full review is scheduled as soon as my Transporter gets the proprietary vitamins and upgrades, so stay tuned! 


Speakers of choice for Dan were Emerald Physic’s striking looking RED speakers, all linked up to Dan’s very own reference level pre-amp and phono stage; while a smashing looking Red Point Audio BLUE model D was the analog source of choice.  I didn’t have time to spin my own demo disc, but what sound I did hear was very good indeed. Dynamic, nicely extended and superb focus (which is what Emerald’s do rather well) the sound was my kind of thang. Job well done Dan!  Here’s to many, many more years of success and good fortunes!

For more info, contact Dan Wright @

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