Metal Sound Design Hearts CNC Machines

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by Josh Ray on May 11 '06

 Metalsounddesign Planet

Metal Sound Design is one wild speaker company out of Korea. While the technical (and company) details are slim to none, Metal Sound Design's deft CNC skills are truly stunning. The Planet speaker above is getting some press, but it's hard to tell if it's an actual production model or a concept. Price is said to be around $50k and rocks those Accuton ceramic drivers and diamond tweeters. The midrange/tweeter cannon on top swivels around because it's cool like that.

Check out these other (conceptual?) speaker designs and visit the site for more audio eye candy.








Did they steal part of the 20mm mini-gun from the A-10 for the top? Looks like something from Battlestar Galactica. Oy vey. Ian
Yeah, but how do they sound? I say they bring them to a New Jersey hotel and I'll bring my disc. :D It does look like a piece of a Gatling gun. I must say that the gimmickry in speaker design is geetting ridiculous already.
Those are without question some of the ugliest products I've ever seen in this industry -- and I remember selling Accutrac turntables.
The offspring of Darth Vader and R2D2.
I agree with Rods. Those are butt ugly. What interior is going to match those? Lowest WAF ever.
Wife acceptance? :) At $50,000.00 I don't think that esthetics matter that much. :)
out of nightmare. "In Dreams Begin Responsibility". who would want to claim responsibility? yes, ian, i agree: oy vez mir.
What ever they where smokin when they designed these... I want sum!