Marten Design Coltrane Supreme Loudspeakers

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by Josh Ray on December 20 '05

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Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at the new statement speakers from Marten Design. Clocking in at a massive $250,000, the Marten Design Coltrane Supremes sport the only diamond midrange driver in the entire universe. Yes, 2 inches of manmade diamond accompany the famous Accuton 1 inch diamond tweeter for more ice than 50 Cent.

Below the diamonds are a slew of Accuton's 7 inch ceramic mid-range and mid-bass drivers. The second cabinet is a subwoofer with four 9 inch ceramic drivers for flat extension down to 15Hz. An active crossover is incorporated for room correction. The whole package is wrapped in glorious carbon fiber with a Kevlar honeycomb support structure inside.

Pretty wild stuff. These guys will have an exhibition at CES called "The Swedish Statement" with all kinds of other hyper-expensive gear for a total package price of $402,300. Of course, I'll be there listening and, naturally, wetting my pants. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

More info over at HiFiSaga Blog and check out the Swedish Statement site for more technical details as well as a very instructive tutorial on Swedish women, public nudity and high-end audio. Screw Cancun, Sweden just became my next vacation destination.


Only in Europe, the birthplace of pervasive female nakedness would manufacturers get together for the good of all citizens in a matter of national importance and produce speakers that only the founder of Ikea can afford to buy. :D By the way, this finally proves how completely absurd the manner of judging sonic performance based on price is. If all the sound waves generated by these $250,000 speakers are quantified by cash, it would mean that my $100 Athena AS-B1 speakers do not produce any sound. :D
Henry, you're complaining??? Pervasive female nakedness and insane loudspeakers make for the best spring break cruise EVER! And you think I'm joking...who's in? Anyone? Anyone?
Well, Josh, I do believe that women should be naked and good speakers affordable. That has always been my belief, really.