Marten Coltrane Supreme Part 2

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by Josh Ray on December 27 '05

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Here are the final shots of the wicked $250k Marten Coltrane Supreme speakers we covered earlier as well as the $400k Swedish Statement super system. Where it appears the prototype Coltrane Supremes had four 9" drivers, the final version has a massive six drivers per side for a total range of 15-100k Hz. Remember, these beasts are wrapped in carbon fiber and use the only diamond midrange driver in the world as well as a diamond tweeter and ceramic drivers.

Both Marten and Swedish Statement have launched new sites with all kinds of purdy pictures. It appears Marten is really ramping up with multiple ranges to really go after the ultra high end.


These $250,000 speakers have no right to sound as they do. Their sound is distinctly reminiscent of the $2 million pair I've heard recently... except in the 10Hz range where they are less than musical and sound like typical $250,000 speakers.
Lol, have you thought about being a professional reviewer? I think Stereophile is hiring...