Magico Ultimate: What Dreams Are Made Of...

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by Josh Ray on July 05 '05

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What better way to kick off our first day than to feature a pair of speakers we will never own. These are, ladies and gentlemen, the Magico Ultimates and, priced at $229k a pair, are some of the most expensive loudspeakers in the world. Designed by Alon Wolf, a man who has remained in the shadowy corners of the audio industry, the Ultimates are his pride and joy - the culmination of years of work and cutting-edge technology. The man has built speakers for private clients for years and these, along with his Magico Minis (priced-to-move at $20k), are the speakers that will scream "Magico!" into the hearts and minds of audiophiles everywhere.
Specs, you ask? Well, the Ultimates are 5-way horn speakers (save for, of course, the woofer at the bottom) and run an outboard active crossover by DEQX (highly modified). Uh, the drivers come from Japan. Other than that, there isn't much to know at this point (no reviews yet). Well, they are big. To give you a sense of scale, that little woofer on the bottom is 15". Not 8" or 10" or even 12." It's 15" and, yes, that means the speaker is bigger than your Hummer, yacht and Gulfstream combined.
If you want more info, check out 6Moons' introduction of the Ultimates at Magico Ultimate.
Oh, did I mention that the low, introductory price of $229k does NOT include the active crossovers? I know, I know, it's the deal-breaker for me too.

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