Loricraft PRC-3F record cleaning machine

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by Danny Kaey on December 28 '05

Lori Ash

yummy! mmmmmh... deliciously clean records! On a serious note, this is the mack-daddy of all record cleaning machines, the Loricraft PRC-3F - LINK - made by well err Loricraft of course. I reviewed this puppy last year at Positive-Feedback and gave it the ol' two thumbs , way up! up award. Built around the same principals as the famous Keith Monk's developed machine in England (Loricraft is also British) this unit can be yours for a little over 2k. What you get is the most awesome of all record cleaning machines which functions unlike all others, except for the Keith Monk's. The difference is that while all other machines use some form of brush which stretches across the record surface to clean up muck and dirt, the Loricraft uses a pivoted arm with a megga-strong suction motor to clean the record from the label on out. The difference you wonder? Simple and ingenious: while the arm moves across the record, a cotton thread is constantly moved past the suction cup to eliminate any build up of dirt you just cleaned off the record! Totally awesome!


And for the rest of us cheap bastards who can't afford a second mortgage to keep our vinyl squeaky clean, here's a DIY, el cheapo solution for an effective record cleaner. Of course, one can always dream about getting one of these.
Wow, a Keith Monks record cleaner! Does the "audiophile" community ever come up with something new at an afordable price anymore? No one seems to know that the CENTER channel is the most important channel in AUDIO surround sound. I don't WATCH my music unless I am at the performance and often, then I will close my eyes and listen. The "audiophiles" are mostly a bunch of VIDIOTs.