Infiniti G35 Hard Drive Music Server

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by Josh Ray on April 14 '06

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The new Infiniti G35 unveiled at the New York auto show rocks your typical Bose sound package but with a hard drive music server, a first in automotive. While it's not terribly exciting for our camp of audio extremists, it's interesting to continue to see how even more high-end audio equipment going main stream. There isn't much about the hardware other than this interesting bit about the DAC:

According to Infiniti, the unit uses a 24-bit DAC built by Burr Brown, which recently was acquired by Texas Instruments.

Though I can't find it now, I remember some company selling a tube-based car stereo system. Mark Levinson is in Lexus, Linn in Aston Martin, B&O in Audi...most people have better systems in their cars than in their homes. Sigh. News here and check out Autoweek for more pics. (Thanks for the tip, Fred!)


Auto styling and outfitting has been thoroughly explored and taken to extremes of silliness. Still, manufacturers have to keep pushing the envelope season by season -- so why not upgrade the sound?

If the high end audio world is able to communicate understandable values, the car-buying, auto-magazine reading bloke who is into measurements and gizmos will find a lot to like.

Just provide - next to the Bose system - a reassuringly complete quality system with a clear upgrade path, and offer an A/B listening test.
Tube amps for cars: Designed by David Berning, super-genius
This is cool, you have to try it. I guessed 44035, and this game guessed it! See it here -