Hot Vegas Review

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by Josh Ray on January 10 '06

Hey kids, the Vegas excitement is over and here we come with our big show coverage in the next few days. But first, let's get on with a general overview of what went down in LV.

Remember, there were essentially four shows happening in Vegas. First up is CES at the convention center where all the new phones, gadgets and TVs were exhibited. A few audio manufacturers were in the big convention hall like Krell, Klipsh, Quad, Flying Mole and others. The international area was home to all kinds of unusual Asian companies showing strange and bizarre audio, gadget and electronic accessories and products. I'd estimate the number of lifestyle boom boxes exhibited was between, oh, 1.2 and 1.4 million. Yeah, it was cheap import overload.

The second main area was CES Alexis Park. Unlike the freakishly huge caverns of the convention center, Alexis Park is a two story hotel complex with walkways between the various buildings. And where the convention center was packed to the gills, Alexis Park was laid back and much easier to get around. Heck, if it weren't for all the audiophiles with badges, it would be hard to tell an audio convention was taking place.

Right next door to Alexis Park was The Home Entertainment Show (THE Show). Both Alexis Park and THE Show were about a mile or so from the convention center. Like Alexis Park, THE Show was held in a small hotel complex called St. Tropez. Alexis Park had more exhibitors with slightly bigger rooms. Alexis Park and THE acted as one big show with people cruising back and forth between the two all day long.

There were also exhibitors in the Hilton hotel (where I stayed) right next to the convention center. Companies like Martin Logan, Tivoli and others were talking up their new products as well as providing complimentary food. Nothing like waking up to coffee, donuts and electrostatic speakers.

The AVN awards where also happening in Vegas at the same time. For those that don't know, the AVN awards are where porn thespians are commended for their outstanding performances over the last year. Naturally, women wearing shoestrings and nipple cups were all around town no doubt looking for hard core audiophile action. Funny enough, the Stereophile party happened Saturday night in the Venetian's Vivid Bar while, at the same time, the AVN party was downstairs at the Venetian's V Bar. Rumor has it a few reviewers and industry insiders were "confused" and ended up in the V Bar instead of the Vivid Bar which, I'm sure, caused a great amount of disappointment.

That's all for now but stick around for even more juicy gossip and all the new products we could get our camera on.


Josh, were there any super expensive speaker cable exhibits in Lost Wages? I think that I'd like to do one of my exhaustive correspondence reviews on a pair of $1,000 per inch audio cables.
LOL, heck yeah there were stupidly expensive cables! Though, sorry to say, I didn't get any pictures of the culprits. I did hear mention of a solid ceramic cable that, I'm sure, are super cheap. To be honest, cables don't really float my boat. Wildly expensive vibration isolation devices, on the other hand...