Horn Day at the 'Flare

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by Josh Ray on May 30 '06

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It's wild horn day at SonicFlare. What's the deal with horns, you ask? Horn speakers are a direct descendent of the gramophone and oldest of the old school speaker types. With a horn, you can take a tiny driver and blast it through the horn to create huge sound. Like a tuba, the bigger the horn, the bigger the sound. Or so the theory goes.

In hi-fi, horns are very hard to do right, with as many different concepts as there are speakers. The major benefit of horns is high sensitivity. Meaning, you need only a few watts to power these babies to insane levels. Fewer watts also means purer watts, so the tube-heads believe.

Horns have made a comeback in recent years with a number of different companies putting out insane systems. Check out our previous roundup of Chinese horn systems and a massive DIY system. Scroll down for all the goods or click the links below to check 'em out:

Ferguson Hill Clear Speakers
Destiny 6000 "The Divorce Maker"

Avantgarde Meta Picco
Calix Phoenix Speakers

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