High-End Publicity

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by Sandy Greene on June 10 '07

Perhaps you've read about the KEF Muon speakers and their launch at the Milan Furniture Fair in April ’07. The speakers themselves are truly beautiful and truly costly ($140k pair). They deserved the finest and most stylish public introduction and I believe the ultra-hip furniture fair in Milan, Italy was the perfect choice. What was most impressive in their public introduction was the melding of baroque setting with a super-high-tech visual presentation to complement the incredible form design and reportedly high-end sound. The 5x10 meter LED floor synchronized organically to the music… matching the beauty of the KEF Muon speakers. The video is from the launch by Moving Brands. Moving Brands designed the LED installation with Ross Lovegrove, the Muon’s product designer. Spot the grey bearded Lovegrove about halfway through the video.


I'm surprised no one's commented on this. This is fantastic. Some of the other YouTube videos of this were great as well. They played fantastic music (one of my favorite bands, actually), and visually the juxtaposition of the classic and the modern was beyond cool. The speakers, especially from the side and back, a stunning works of art. May not be you're style, but they're certainly making a bold statement. Such a pleasant change from yet another box.