Preview: B&O BeoPlay H6 headphones

Beoplay h6 headphones xl

Head over heels following our fancy Aston Martin DB9 review, B&O's lifestyle brand, BeoPlay, is announcing their latest crown jewels, the H6 headphones dressed up in classic black or suave beige.  Anodized aluminum and real leather coupled with B&O's leading sound quality ingredients and you have yourself some serious success potential.  Should be fun, especially considering the svelte $500-ish price point.  Stay tuned for more! 

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Preview: Trafomatic Audio Experience Head One reference headphone amp



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Review: AKG k518 Headphones



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Preview: STAX SRS 3010 Earspeaker System

STAX SRS 3010 SF Preview.jpg


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Headphone Clarity with the Headroom Desktop and Beyer DT880 by Sandy Greene

Sonicflare Headroom Clouds-1

Sandy Greene delves into world-class headphone territory, taking a look at the Beyer Dynamic DT880s ($299), Headroom Desktop amp ($599) and the maximum bliss that can be had from cans on your head...

I’m sitting in my 11x17 living room listening to the Red Wine Audio Signature 30 ($1299) and Red Wine modded Olive Symphony ($649 mod) through Audio Note AN-E/Lx speakers. The speakers are set up along the 17’ wall. The house is quiet, the kids are asleep. I’m not listening too loudly, but certainly not quietly. I’m listening to REM’s “Monster” and the sound, even at this moderate volume, is filling the room. I feel it in my body, I hear the reflections around the room and I am experience the why of this hobby… being immersed in the moment...


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HE2006: HeadRoom

Img 1807

HeadRoom, feeding your near-field addiction, created a headphone saloon with many different listening stations to sample their entire line of products. Seems many people spent a whole day in this room alone.

Below, the "special room." John from VRS saw me, took me by the arm, and led me through a door into a tiny space I can only assume is used for brooms and bad children. There, away from the causal listeners, sat an all-out headphone assault. The Wadia "more-expensive-than-sin" CD player fed the $4000 HeadRoom "anything-but-portable" Max headphone amp and the top models from Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and AKG. After a few minutes of listening, I was wondering if I could carve out the desk space for this system.

Img 1808

Img 1809

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more headphone rumblings... AKG K701

 Image1123656823 K70142F9A477B932A-4

Since my all time reference cans the mighty AKG K1000 have in effect been discontinued as of the new year, I figured it was only a matter of time before AKG decided to announce an equally revolutionary, if perhaps less visually obvious, reference headphone flagship - Ladies and Gent's here they are: AKG K701 cans - featuring some pretty cool specs:

* Revolutionary flat-wire voice coil technology
* Patented AKG Varimotion ultra-precision two-layer diaphragm
* Self-adjusting cushioned genuine-leather headband
* Bi-wiring, high-performance cable with 1/4" jack plug
* Comfortable, specially shaped "3D-Form" ear pads
* Complete with stylish storage cradle
* Individually tested and numbered

I for one can't wait to find out what exactly "flat-wire voice coil technology" is, but being that it's something AKG appears to be the very first to use in headphones, I am sure it's a good thing. I must say, the K701's have some large shoes to fill, judging by the enthusiasm the K1000 model has left behind, including winning the 2005 Stereophile accessory of the year award, with a recent review - so, at an MSRP of around $500 they appear about half as costly as the K1000 model, which is to say they fall right into the hot bucket of Sennheiser's HD650 phones'. Judging from first feedback trickling down the internet, the K701's should do a fantastic job of distinguishing themselves, much like the mighty K1000 did back in its day (the K1000 has been around since 1990).

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Sennheiser HD 650 Review

 Allinyourhead Pics 200507 Sennheiser Hd650

Doug Paratore of SoundStage gets down with comparing Sennheiser's famous HD 600 with the $549 HD 650. While a little late to the party, Doug gives a nice, snappy summary on the HD 650s, how they differ from the 600s and more. In case you don't know, the 650s are considered by a great many to be the best headphones in the world. Paired with a great headphone amp, the Sennheisers can compete with $10k stereo systems. Of course, why leave a good thing alone when you can replace the cabling and cover your cans in wood?

Sennheiser HD 650 Review [SoundStage]
Sennheiser Home
Headroom [for upgraded cables]

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Beyerdynamics DT880 Headphones

 Audioreviews Beyer 1-1

Ryan Clarin of 6Moons reviews the Beyerdynamics DT880 headphones and pronounces them a winner. Excellent clarity with outstanding comfort and only a few caveats about brightness and fatigue. Overall, these are some damn nice headphones and priced at $259, they give Sennheiser's and Grado's top headphones a run for the money. Check out the excellent review for all the dirt and ways to overcome the Beyerdynamics' few flaws.

Beyerdynamic DT880 Headphone Review [6Moons Review]
Beyerdynamic Home

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Sennheiser HD215 Headphone Review

 Albums V322 Rokuyon Hd215 Zoom

Excellent review of the $100 Sennheiser HD215s from Phonephile. While no "BUY NOW" recommendations, these cans may be your thing if you're in the market for cheap and unobtrusive. Check out the review for in-depth analysis.

Sennheiser HD215 Headphone Review [Phonephile]

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Headphone Woodie Mods

 News June 24
Following up our post on the woodie iPod, we bring you a company who adds wood coverings and other modifications to Sennheiser, Grado and AKG. Headphile will also make you a headphone stand to match your new cans in any of six wood colors.

Now, some of you are probably saying "hey, those Sennheiser HD-650s are supposed to be open headphones!" Yeah, well, not anymore. Headphile claims closing them off adds more bass for rock and roll. They also offer semi-open and fully open versions as well, depending on what kind of music you listen to.

Prices range from $150 to $225 depending on finish. Stands run $48 to $83. They can also make headphone stands with up to seven hooks for seven headphones. Seven headphones? Isn't that a little too much? I mean, five or six headphones is perfect for a collection, but seven is just overdoing it, don't you think?

Woodie Headphones [via 6Moons]

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