HE2006: Zu Audio Pictures

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by Josh Ray on June 15 '06

Img 1496

Why are Zu speakers so photogenic? These guys just beg to be photographed. Keep reading for more pics.

Also, check out our coverage of the Zu room and the Zu Rave.

Img 1494

Img 1482

Img 1491

Img 1494-1


Alright I'll bite. Nice photos Josh. Nicely taken for not having been done in a studio!!
Thanks, Fred. The new Canon flash - worth every penny.
Excellent pics indeed Josh. What's the camera you're using?
Hey Konstantinos, I'm using the Canon Rebel XT with the stock EF-S 18-55mm lens.
I like the tweeter photo best. :-) We used the Canon Rebel XT with the included lens for HE 2005, RMAF 2005 and CES 2006. In hindsight, the lens is the weakest link, with problems with the auto-focus and in dark circumstances - aka show conditions :-). But better lenses are going to be bigger, heavier and more expensive - so in many ways that little 18-55 is a little sweetheart of a lens. I like the way you are extending your show report here. Very nice. And here I thought 6moons was the competition :-) Take care, Mike.
Hey Mike, Yeah, I'd love to move up to an arsenal of L lenses. Those things are beautiful. Glad you like my coverage. But competition? Nay, comrade, SonicFlare exists to drive traffic to the entire audio community. Viva la revolucion! Take it easy, Josh