HE2006: Wilson WATT/Puppy Demo

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by Josh Ray on June 04 '06

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Wilson Audio, the biggest dog in the biz, not only had dozens of speakers all over the show, but also put on their own little demo with their $27,900 WATT/Puppy 8s and Audio Research equipment. The demo consisted of a handful of cuts showing off the various aspects of the WATT/Puppy abilities, from depth and space to bass and bass and more bass. The last custom recording of a double string bass was really fun and made for an excellent demo piece. Gasps and fluttering hearts filled the room. Other cuts included orchestral, jazz and opera.

Overall, the Wilson experience was just like a theme park ride. Ups and downs and thrills a minute. Even a joke or two. Dave Wilson knows how to put on a good show and speak a friendly language to the audio hobbyists. As for sound, despite not being able to play any personal tracks, the Wilson room embodied that famous Wilson character more than any other Wilson room, as it should be. Asking experienced audiophiles what they thought sounded the best, many said, "Wilson, Wilson, Wilson!"

People waiting for the Wilson ride. Shows start every 15-20 minutes.

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The room clearing after the WIlson demo.
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If you have a geniuine desire to get the Youth of America interested in high-end audio, you might want to stop writing about Wilson, or for that matter having a "Speakers $20k and up" category. Besides, we're talking about wooden boxes with drivers in them. There is no honest reason to charge anything approaching what Wilson charges, which makes him, by my definition anyway, a con man.
Actually, the youth love the crazy stuff. The number one product category picked up by other sites is the $20k+ category. They lust after Wilsons like they lust after Ferraris. Then they go and buy Civics and Bose.
Search the archives there is a bunch of stuff on more inexpensive equipment. You should look at this site as an opportunity to learn about some stuff you may never see/hear in your lifetime. BTW, there is a lot more to speakers then a wooden box with drivers in it. There is electrical design and mechanical design and a whole lot of trial and error. I am not saying Wilson is not a bit overpriced but hey bose is also if not more so. BOSE takes a bunch of 0.10 cent drivers in 0.10 cent plastic boxes and charges $1000 for it.
Hey Guys, not to defend Wilson here (they don't need me to do that) but both of you should at least know that there's not a wooden box in the Wilson line. Read a review of any of the Wilson speakers at Soundstage and learn of the heroic measures they go to in order to eliminate box resonance and colorations. Not only are the boxes not made of wood or any material you'd probably be familiar with, but all the panels are not even made of the same material.
Interestingly, many people raved about the Wilson sound, many of which should, as some say, "know better." What does this mean when an experienced person without any logical bias goes into the awesome TAD/Pioneer room and then walks one room down into the Wilson room and calls the Wilsons better? It's a taste issue. If Wilson is the Ferrari of audio, then TADs are Lamborghinis. So are the Neats and MBLs and other speakers. Wilson hires many, many excellent engineers to tweak that signature Wilson sound. Some love it and power to them. Me, I'll take an Aston Martin.
That's a fascinating statement by Jake. So by that logic, Bill Gates is a con man, right? I mean Windows is just a buncha ones and zeros, and no one should be allowed to charge $200 for just ones and zeros. What about Adobe Photoshop? Those guys are super con men. LOL! I went gaga over that blue with the silver grills though. . Nice pics. . .
Seriously, isn't that blue amazing? Wilson calls it "Bugatti Blue." It would go out of style after, oh, 6 months, but I wouldn't care. I'm sure the Zu guys can match it. Jake, you know, seeing this crazy equipment is shocking at first. Drivers in a box, I know. But it's exactly the same with cars -- engines with 4 wheels. Why does a Bugatti cost a cool million? Is it really any different than a Civic? Or, for that matter, a Corvette? Unless you hit up the track often, you'll never take that thing above 150 on the freeway. And how fast can you really accelerate to the next stop light? Does shaving another 2/10ths off your time really matter? But unlike audio, no one questions the desirability of $100k+ cars. I don't blame Jake, I blame the audio industry as a whole for letting us spiral into "stupidly expensive" territory.
Luv the "Smurf Blue" Wilson's!