HE2006: What's a Woman? This is Audio!

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by Josh Ray on June 02 '06

And now, the show stats you've all been waiting for:

-There are many beautiful women at HE2006.

-These women work for the convention.

-These women don't live in LA, but are imported from Boston by the convention organizers.

-They don't know the difference between a KT88 tube and a 300B.

-They don't know the difference between a tube and a transistor.

-No matter how big your speakers are, they're not going home with you to hear them.

-Audiophiles really freak them out.

-Audiophile journalists freak them out even more.

-They have walkie talkies to call security.

For that guy that came up to me yesterday and said, "SonicFlare! I love your site! But you need more women!" Well, there you go. We'll try to get some pictures and serious interviews with the eye-gropped hostages about audio and what they think of this craziness. All in the name of advancing the cause, right?

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