HE2006: VonSchweikert and CIAudio

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by Josh Ray on June 08 '06

Img 1422
Don't let the name fool you, Albert VonSchweikert is a total California surfer dude. In the pic above, Albert describes how his speakers are so powerful they'll make your roof collapse. He also said how the other engineers at VonSchweikert have normal day jobs working for aerospace and speaker building is simply their passion. That's why VS speakers are so "cheap" -- they don't care about profits...

In any case, the new VR-5 SE speakers (the big ones) go for $18k and are a full-out assault on the Wilson WATT/Puppy at $27,900 (see a resemblance?). The Wilson/VonSchweikert rivalry has been ongoing for ages now, but Wilson always stays top dog because people can actually spell "Wilson." You can get your VR-5 SEs finished in standard woods or drop some coin and get the full automotive paint job. Big pic next page.

Components by CIAudio. Riding the digital wave, CIAudio has gotten love for rocking switching-power amps (Hypex, like ICEpower and NuForce) and a whole line of modest-looking but power-packed minis.

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I have always liked Von Schweikerts, and even owned a pair of the big VR4's. But if I went to work for Von Schweikert, I'd keep my day job too. ;-)
You outta see and hear those 5SE's in ebony... just like MINE (brag brag brag!). Well done Albert! -Larry