HE2006: Von Gaylord

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by Josh Ray on June 05 '06

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Formerly Legend Audio Design? They actually changed their name to Von Gaylord? Why didn't they consult me before this name change? I would have put them straight. But, whatever, this room was crazy.

Those amps are the much talked about liquid-cooled $59,000 Uni Sea Urchins. Best amp name EVER. Can I forgive VG for their naming foibles? Maybe. In any case, the Urchin's triode tubes put out 200 watts and waves of heat through the liquid for a very cool effect. And don't ask if you can put fish inside. I asked and so did every other person who went into the room. The answer is yes, you can. They just won't like it.

The speakers look like the original and famous (to some) Wilson WATTS and use what appears to be the same tweeter though, of course, it isn't. The finish is awesome and they can do any color imaginable. And they cost $4000.

This room put out the biggest freakin' sound. Just wall to wall with depth and space and so much coloration, it was like sitting in an extra-large box of crayolas. It was bizarre and weird and awesome.

These guys were near the 4th floor elevator and always left the door to their room open. Every time I went up to the 4th floor I heard this god-damn Hawaiian ukulele music filling the halls. It was fun the first, oh, dozen times, but after that, it just ridiculous. And then it became insane. And then it was laughable. Forever I will associate Von Gaylord with tiki torches and hula dancing.

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Uh Josh... they told me that was some sort of non-conductive liquid (looked like liquid gelatin to name) that should last for about 15 years or so. Not the kind of place you'd put a bunch of expensive Kois and Tetras to short circuit themselves though. In any case, my BS radar was going crazy when I spotted this. Well it didn't sound bad at all (and did not have that crazy ukulele music, thank heavens)... but honestly, I could easily live without a fish tank-cum-monoblock amplifier.
And yeah, they should do something about that name.
Lol, you can put fish inside, they just won't live :) Yes, it is some unique heat-wicking liquid since they run those triodes for an insane 200 watts. It's really cool to see the heat waves move through the gel. Dave Clark pointed out that these things have been at shows now for a year or so and there still hasn't been a single review, despite VG claiming a handful of sales. What's up with that?
Lord Von Gay $60K Lava Lamps?