HE2006: Verity Audio

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by Josh Ray on June 08 '06

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Verity audio is kinda like the Wilson of wood, putting incredible amounts of time into their unbelievably gorgeous finishes. And like Wilson, prices aren't cheap. The Sarastro goes for $35k while the Fidelio below in piano black runs $7150. The entire Verity line uses monitors mounted on bass modules with rear-firing bass drivers.

This room has received some big praise from the other publications. Alas, when I arrived in this room, someone was playing a full CD of bizarre Euro-pop music and it kept going and going and going. At least I got some shots of the speakers and the Nagra goodies (more on these guys later). Pics after the jump.

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The Verity are really nice sounding products. I paid little attention to them for years and then I heard them recently and really liked them. Good stuff. Sonus Faber still kicks everyone's ass when it comes to the quality of the woodwork. The Stradivari Homage are drop-dead gorgeous and for $42K...they better be. My neighbour has a pair and I loved them. Not the easiest load, but with the Pass Labs amps they were quite special. Ian
I’ve become a huge fan of Verity and, having just shipped back their Tamino’s from a review, can tell you that they are impressive speakers from the bottom to the top. From their bottom of the line Tamino’s to the top Lohengrins. I heard the Sarastro’s and Lohengrins at their office in Quebec. Had the Tamino’s in my house for a couple of months. I miss the Tamino’s terribly. They were fantastic speakers all around, from sound quality and aesthetics to build quality and aesthetics. Check out: to read about my visit. I’ll have the review of the Tamino’s up hopefully next month.
Ian So "The Stradivari Homage are drop-dead gorgeous and for $42K..." , where did you come by that kind of cash? And what is wrong with AmericanWired? No letters, no new articles? Is the site toast? Mickey
Mickey, The SF belong to a neighbour. I'm not sure I follow your comments. We posted over 50 new items on June 1st. More articles coming this month. July is going to be a larger issue. Ian
Just purchased the parsifals after learning about verity audio from this exact room. It is amazing i love it. I previously owned the acclaimed Dynaudio confidence C1. There is simply no comparison. The verity audio is in another level of refinement.